The Random Spiel: July 30th 2008

New posters are up for Friday the 13th, RocknRolla, Mirrors, Terminator Salvation, Red Sonja,

“>Punisher: War Zone, Surfer Dude.

– Some comments by George Lucas confirm that he’s the one to blame for the more ‘out there’ choices of the recent “Indiana Jones” feature. He also says that “if I can come up with another idea that they like, we’ll do another.”

-Talk of a big twist about the Robin Hood character in Ridley Scott’s “Nottingham” indicates that it may be the main source of the ‘script problems’ cited in delaying the picture a whole year.

– It took two days for “The Dark Knight” cam bootleg to show up online, and this article talks about how Warners sees that as an anti-piracy victory.

-Some exterior shots of the San Diego Convention Center during this year’s Comic-Con were filmed by the production crew on “Duplicity”, the new movie by ‘Bourne’ scribe and ‘Michael Clayton’ director Tony Gilroy.

-New photos are up for Righteous Kill, The Descent 2 and some product line for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

– Screen captures are online from the first episode of the new season of “Heroes”.

-Francis Lawrence has talked about ideas for a potential prequel to last Fall’s major hit “I Am Legend”.

-Script reviews are out for Inside Man 2 and the Untitled Cameron Crowe Project.

-The Mischa Barton black comedy “Assassination of a High School President” has been scheduled to open on November 14th.