Tarantino’s “Star Trek” To Be R-Rated

Expect the new “Star Trek” to boast more profanity.

In a follow-up article to news earlier this week that Quentin Tarantino and J.J. Abrams are teaming up for a new “Star Trek” film, Deadline brings word that the film will be rated R.

Tarantino hatched the story idea for the film and the trade says a big sticking point is that in order for Tarantino to get involved, the film has to be R-rated and Paramount has reportedly agreed to those terms. Tarantino reportedly wants to direct, but hasn’t committed just yet.

Additionally the list of screenwriters gathered together by Abrams for their ‘writer’s room’ on the project includes Mark L. Smith (“The Revenant”), Lindsey Beer (“Chaos Walking”) and Drew Pearce (“Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation”).

Smith is reportedly the frontrunner at present and would be the first person to co-write a screenplay for a potential Tarantino-directed film since Roger Avary co-wrote “Pulp Fiction”.

Also uncertain? The cast. It’s currently not known if the film will involve the current cast or be a completely new take – one in the original timeline, the Kelvin timeline of the Abrams films, or another one. It also could be set at any point in Trek history – pre-Kirk, post Kirk, pre-Picard, TNG/DS9-era or after the Dominion War.