Studio Ghibli Won’t Be Coming To Streaming

Studio Ghibli Wont Be Coming To Streaming

GKIDS, the indie animation distributor that handles the distribution rights to the films from Studio Ghibli, has revealed there are no plans to bring any of those classic works like “Spirited Away,” “Princess Mononoke,” “My Neighbor Totoro” and “Ponyo” to any streaming service in the foreseeable future.

GKIDs earned sole stewardship of Ghibli’s catalogue in 2017 from Disney and are acting on founder Hayao Miyazaki’s wishes not to release the content to any streaming service be it Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or one of the other major forthcoming ones.

A representative spoke with Polygon, saying: “Studio Ghibli does not make their films available digitally, whether for download or streaming, anywhere in the world. They continue to believe that presentation is vital and particularly appreciate opportunities for audiences to experience the films together in a theatrical setting.”

GKIDs keeps hosting limited theatrical runs for the Ghibli films special Blu-ray editions of the various works remain in circulation. There are also no plans at present however for a 4K UHD release anywhere of any Ghibli titles.