Scott Dials Back On “Alien” Sequel Plans

Last month filmmaker Ridley Scott made comments which tried to clear up the confusion over his plans for the future of the “Alien” franchise, but ultimately only made things more complicated.

After revealing that Fox had effectively killed Neill Blomkamp’s “Aliens” sequel in its crib, Scott indicated that 2012’s “Prometheus” and this month’s ‘Covenant’ would serve as the first two entries in a trilogy of films leading directly into the original 1979 “Alien”.

On top of that, there was talk of ANOTHER trilogy of films on the way, which would also take place in between the time of ‘Covenant’ and “Alien”.

Now he’s stepping back from those comments a bit, telling Yahoo UK this week that he’s not so sure of how many more he’ll do:

“I don’t know. [I’ll make] maybe two more [films], or maybe one more, I don’t know.”

Scott, who this week said the next ‘Alien’ will get in front of cameras within fourteen months, also says the failure of “Prometheus” was partially his fault for not listening to audiences:

“We discovered from it that [the fans] were really frustrated. They wanted to see more of the original [monster] and I thought he was definitely cooked, with an orange in his mouth. So I thought: ‘Wow, OK, I’m wrong’. The fans, in a funny kind of way – they’re not the final word – but they are the reflection of your doubts about something, and then you realize ‘I was wrong’ or ‘I was right.’ I think that’s where it comes in. I think you’re not sensible if you don’t actually take [the fans’ reaction] into account.”

Reviews for ‘Covenant’ have proven surprisingly divisive with a real split in critics of some who love and some who hate, leading to the overall critical aggregate scores that are currently on par with “Prometheus”. Also, a VR promo called “Alien In Utero” for the film has gone online. Check it out below: