Scorsese Has Stopped Watching Current Films

There’s no doubting Martin Scorsese’s love for film in pretty much all its forms. The very well-versed filmmaker has seen so much that, understandably, he says he’s not much of a buff when it comes to cinema of the past few years as he’s effectively stopped watching new films.

Speaking at a press conference for his upcoming “Silence,” the director was asked by HeyUGuys for his thoughts on the current cinema landscape at this time. His reaction is an understandable one – there are too many movies and too few that are challenging:

“There’s over saturation, particularly in our world as it is now and nothing really does have a meaning. Images for example are everywhere. Cinema used to be in a building and even on television, you’d see a film or whatever. I must say a lot of the films that I’m aware of and I don’t see that many new ones over the past two or three years, I stopped because the images don’t mean anything.

We’re just completely saturated with images that don’t mean anything. Words certainly don’t mean anything anymore, they’re twisted and turned. So where’s the meaning? Where’s the truth? So we have to strip away everything. It goes back to that question I had in ‘Mean Streets,’ how do you live a good life? A life which is good, meaning compassion, and respect for others, in a world like today or in a world where I grew up, quite honestly.”

Scorsese still lends his support to the occasional film these days outside his own. Just this year alone he served as executive producer on Ben Wheatley’s “Free Fire,” the DiCaprio doco “Before the Flood,” the boxing drama “Bleed for This,” and of course HBO’s “Vinyl” TV series. His new film, “Silence,” opens on Christmas Day.