Review: “Valentine”

A surprisingly well made production, “Valentine” shouldn’t just be dismissed out of hand as another in a long line of teen horror fests. Director Jamie Blanks’ last effort was “Urban Legend”, a film with a good concept and some clever scenes but ultimately fizzled in its last half.

“Valentine” isn’t as clever an idea as its been done before, but then again that gives it a more believable tone and indeed the character dialogue and development is superior to ‘Urban’. Where the problems lie is with having the girls as the main characters you have to sympathise with. Most people got teased or picked on at school, not just by the jock men but the bitchy popular girls. Therefore when you see them all grown up being chased by a killer, you root for the killer.

The only one you really can sympathise with in this is Kate (Marley Shelton) who always felt left out of the group plus deals with more adult issues. Capshaw just comes across as an air head, and the usually good Cauffiel is sadly not given enough to do here so its left to Richards who actually picks up the slack and does a fun role as the bitch of the group. Boreanaz drops in and out of scenes like some sensei for Dorothy.

Scares wise there are one or two jumps, nothing great or memorable but kind of fun – should have had a lot more though. There’s a clever end twist but in the end like “Cherry Falls” this feels very toned down like there was a LOT gorier original cut which has had to be excised. As a result it really is just for hardcore fans of the genre, but they will get kick out of it.