“Resident Evil 3” Remake Set For April

Resident Evil 3 Remake Set For April

With this year’s “Resident Evil 2” remake scoring some of the year’s best review scores, it comes as little surprise that Capcom has now confirmed that the rumoured “Resident Evil 3” remake is on the way.

What is a surprise though is that the company announced an April 3rd release date already for the title during this morning’s PlayStation State of Play presentation. The announcement trailer for the title can be seen below.

The game will also come bundled together with the four-versus-one “Resident Evil Resistance” multiplayer game. Turns out Capcom’s online multiplayer game “Project Resistance” announced in September was a cover for the RE3 remake and its new multiplayer mode.

“Resident Evil 3” hits PlayStation 4, Xbox One X, and Steam on April 3rd 2020.