Reebok’s “Alien” Shoes Won’t Fit Women

What was supposed to be the dream sales product of Fox’s ‘Alien Day’ has instead become its PR nightmare.

Reebok got many a fan salivating over the April 26th timed release of the ‘Reebok Alien stomper,’ a limited edition re-issue of the high-top sneakers Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley character wears throughout “Aliens”.

When they went on sale though, a major problem was discovered – this sneaker made famous on the screen by a woman – was only available in men’s sizes. Specifically the smallest in the range is a Men’s Size 9 which means Sigourney Weaver herself wouldn’t be able to wear a pair as she reportedly wears a Women’s Size 10 (equivalent of a Men’s 8 1/2).

Birth Movies Death first mentioned the problem in a rather damning report from a SpectreVision films executive who spoke about her experience trying to purchase the shoes.

Female fans of genre material are often under considered or treated as second-class when it comes to geeky product tie-ins, but when it involves perhaps the most iconic female action hero ever on the screen – it comes off as more than just a mistake and has understandably led to much anger online.

More as it develops.