Quarterlife Fizzles On NBC

It just goes to show that online buzz counts for little compared with the sheer numbers of network television.

“Quarterlife,” the hyped-up semi-edgy drama series from the co-creators of “Thirtysomething” and “My So-Called Life” had a very disappointing network debut on NBC reports CNet.

The show premiered Tuesday night to a tepid 3.1 million viewers, NBC’s worst time-period performance in nearly two decades. While NBC hasn’t formally pulled the plug, sources say such an announcement is forthcoming.

Originally rejected by the networks, the show went online and caused a stir – enough that the beleaguered Peacock picked it up in the hopes of making a profitable series out of it. With the writer’s strike on at the time as well, it was seen as a good filler for the network’s empty schedule.

Now though with the strike over, it’s expected to be cut very quickly.