Marshall Talks Nest, Doomsday

Director Neil Marshall earned himself a lot of rave reviews with his last project, 2006’s genuinely creepy cave exploration horror flick “The Descent”.

Now, he’s followed that up with “Doomsday” – a Scottish “Escape from New York” style flick opening March 14th. The film has received an R-rating, so horror fans want to know, how violent/gory is the film? Neil tells Bloody Disgusting that fans will be extremely happy.

He says “I think horror fans will be quite happy. we have some cannibalism, a few decapitations, someone run over with a tank. Paul Hyett told me that more blood and guts were used in “Doomsday” than in “The Descent” but that it was more spread out through “Doomsday”.”

As for what’s next? “Hopefully, my dream project [is next]. ‘Eagle’s Nest’. My version of the Indiana Jones action films, except my Indiana Jones would be named Jack Ravenscroft. Now that the WGA strike is over, whoever wants to take a look at the script is welcome.”