PS5 Big Reveal Set For February?

Ps5 Big Reveal Set For February

The other week came a rumor that Sony would reveal details of the PlayStation 5 next month as part of its big PlayStation Meeting next month.

The rumor indicated the console design, controller, UI/home screen, console specs and some game announcements would be shown along with a renewed focus on PlayStation Now. The report also said the PS Meeting is scheduled for February 5th.

Now it appears there may be truth to it as developer and game designer David Scott Jaffe, who worked on PlayStation exclusives “Twisted Metal” and “God of War,” has revealed in a tweet that the “PS5 reveal is less than 4 weeks away”

He adds that: “Sony knows hardcore gamers are hanging on every scrap of info and know that just cause MSFT dominates the conversation at the moment, that’s an easy thing to change when they are ready to reveal (assuming the reveal is good).”

He adds that the launch event is “the worst kept secret in games right now. February reveal like they did for PS4.”

Microsoft unveiled the PC tower-esque design of its next-generation console, Xbox Series X, during the Game Awards in December and while the vertical form factor took a lot of criticism and there’s still very big lingering questions in regards to exclusives, the console’s specs proved mighty impressive.

Source: BGR