“Manhunt” Trailer Explores Richard Jewell Case

Manhunt Trailer Explores Richard Jewell Case

Spectrum has released the trailer for “Manhunt: Deadly Games,” the upcoming second season of the “Manhunt” anthology series which launched a few years ago. That first season, “Manhunt: Unabomber,” starred Paul Bettany played Ted Kaczynski and Sam Worthington as the profiler who hunted him down.

This season tackles the case of Richard Jewell and the Centennial Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta. Jewell was the security guard who discovered the bomb and became a hero until he was falsely accused of planting the bomb himself.

Clint Eastwood’s recent film about it has proven something of a dud beyond acclaim for Kathy Bates for her work as Jewell’s mother. Here, “Mindhunter” breakout Cameron Britton plays Richard, Judith Light is his mother, Arliss Howard is ATF bomb expert Earl Embry, and Carla Gugino plays reporter Kathy Scruggs whom Eastwood’s film famously hit controversy over in regards to her portrayal.

Surprisingly though the trailer’s scene-stealer is none of those but rather “Boardwalk Empire” actor Jack Huston who plays the real bomber Eric Rudolph. The series will explore a much larger canvas than the film, giving more time to all involved.

Creator and writer Andrew Sodroski served as executive producer along with John Goldwyn and Michael Dinner on the new season which kicks off February 3rd exclusively on Spectrum’s On Demand platform.