Pratt Was Sceptical About “Jurassic World”

He’s set to lead the cast, but actor Chris Pratt was apparently as sceptical as everyone else about the upcoming fourth “Jurassic Park” film “Jurassic World”.

After all, considering the horror tales the previous three films ultimately became – you’d think humanity in these films would’ve learned its lesson by now about dinosaurs.

Out doing publicity for “The LEGO Movie,” Pratt explains to MTV that the film’s director Colin Trevorrow and his writers have come up with a satisfying answer to that question:

“What I liked about it was that it answers the question of, ‘Why would you do that?’ How do you suspend disbelief to be like, ‘Oh yes, let’s make this mistake again’? ‘We haven’t learned our lesson about dinosaurs, we should definitely live with them and see how that works out.’ You know, after like three tries at it!

They answer the question really well through the script. Colin did a great job of writing it, justifying it, and, kind of, in his own way, having fun with that. Anybody who goes in with that question will be really amused, the way I was, about how they answer that.”

Asked if his character is more like Jeff Goldblum’s Dr. Ian Malcolm or Sam Neill’s Dr. Alan Grant, Pratt says: “He’s got a little of both. He’s got little bits of the Goldblum cynicism, but also the Sam Neill excitement and the wonder in the biology. So it’s a combination.”

Filming on the new “Jurassic Park” is slated to begin next month ahead of its release in June 2015. Mid Week reports that the production will return to some of the original Jurassic Park’s Hawaiian filming locations with four weeks of filming in Oahu and two in Kauai scheduled ahead of an eleven week shoot in New Orleans.

The film’s director Trevorrow has also confirmed via Twitter that the movie will be filmed in native 3D on both “35MM and 65MM stock” indicating a potential IMAX release could take place.