Pixar To Focus On Originals Moving Forward

Only one of Pixar’s recent five films, “Coco,” hasn’t been a sequel with the others “Finding Dory, “Cars 3,” “Incredibles 2” and this year’s “Toy Story 4” serving as follow-ups to established franchises.

In some welcome news, Pixar is aiming to rebound and plans to be focusing solely on new, original projects – no sequels bar next month’s “Toy Story 4” and the already announced “Monsters Inc.” Disney+ series.

The move is being spearheaded by new boss Pete Docter who has taken over in the wake of the dismissal of co-founder and leader John Lasseter following accusations of sexual misconduct.

In a report for THR, producer Mark Nielsen says: “He’s really looking out for the new voices and really loading up the development pool. It’s all original films after this one right now.” In 2020, the studio is set to release “Onward”.

Lasseter’s final output for the company will be a ‘story by’ credit for “Toy Story 4,” making him one of eight credited writers on the film.