New “Star Wars” Discs As ‘Edge’ Opens Soft

New Star Wars Discs As Edge Opens Soft

The new “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” world at Disneyland was very aggressively marketed, so much so that it seemed the place would be overcrowded and near impossible to get into. That may have had an unintended side effect – it kept people away.

FOX Business reports that wait times for the first and only real ride in place right now – Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run – were expected to be over two hours long all summer. In reality, they’ve been averaging half that or less. As a result, Disneyland employees are seeing their working hours cut back.

The dip in attendance is small, but enough that Disney CEO Bob Iger addressed the drop this past week citing a number of factors from expectations and concerns over huge crowding, to local residents staying away due to the way the pass system works. The second big ride, Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance, is set to open December 5th in Florida and January 2020 in Anaheim.

Speaking of “Star Wars,” the films in the series are set to get another re-release this fall as new box art has been making the rounds online showing off matching Blu-ray and DVD covers for the ten movies in the franchise released on home video so far. Each release will contain a digital copy.

More importantly, there are no 4K Ultra HD copies. This would suggest this is just a repackaging as opposed to full remasters which are likely to come next year once “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” hits home video and there will potentially be a full nine-film saga boxset.