Mount Keen For A Pike Return In “Star Trek”

Mount Keen For A Pike Return In Star Trek

CBS All Access and Netflix’s big-budget original series “Star Trek: Discovery” has not only slightly divided the fanbase but also slightly divided its own – namely some prefer the first season markedly over the second, and some think it’s the other way around.

One of the most universally praised elements though was “Hell on Wheels” star Anson Mount’s portrayal of Captain Christopher Pike. He, along with the inclusion of the pre-Kirk era Enterprise in the story, have led to calls by fans for a spin-off centering on his continued post-Discovery adventures onboard the Enterprise.

Mount signed for only a single season, and Discovery’s narrative closed out this year in such a way it’s not expected we’ll see Pike or the Enterprise again in that show. Nevertheless in a new interview with the Calgary Herald, Mount says the little amount of material on the character gave him a “tremendous amount of freedom in coming in and fleshing out his second act” and he’s very open to reprising the role should the possibility arise:

“It checks all the boxes. It’s a character I love, it’s a franchise I love, it’s an experience that I have already loved. Obviously, any opportunity to go back and play with that incredible team, led by (executive producer and co-creator) Alex Kurtzman and all of those incredible artisans from costumes, to makeup, to art, to props. Everybody in that crew is operating at the top of their game.”

‘Discovery’ showrunner Alex Kurtzman has previously teased the possibility of a spinoff focused on Captain Pike, while a fan petition circulating to get a spinoff greenlit is also out there.