Moretz Talks “Dark Shadows,” “Kick Ass 2”

Comparisons galore have been made between Michael Jackson and the first look set photos of Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins in Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows” film adaptation.

Today one of the actors, Chloe Moretz, added fuel to the fire by telling that the film’s tone is ” a mixture of Beetlejuice, a teeny bit of Sweeney and the scariness of Sweeney but the fun of Sleepy Hollow with the scariness of Sleepy Hollow. It straddles that fine line of camp and drama so it’s like a drama horromedy thriller.”

Asked about her character of Carolyn Stoddard, Moretz says “She is crazy. She is this teenager, like 15-year-old hippie who is into The Carpenters and Alice Cooper. She’s super music-y and raw, like free love, you know. She’s fun. I can’t say much because he has a really dark secret I can’t tell.”

The young actress was also asked about a “Kick Ass” sequel and whether she’d return in the scene-stealing role of Hit Girl – “I’d like to do it in the next year or two because I think that’s a really good time age-wise. You can show Hit Girl in a different light which would be a lot of fun… you know her as this 11-year-old assassin, so I think it would be fun to show her as this twisted young adult, this 16-17-year-old Catwoman-y almost, twisted and dark person.”