Microsoft Planning Two 2020 Xbox Consoles?

Microsoft Planning Two 2020 Xbox Consoles

Microsoft is reportedly planning to launch not one but two next-generation Xbox consoles with The Verge seemingly confirming rumors of a second, cheaper, disc-less console also coming alongside the previously announced Project Scarlett.

Microsoft is apparently using the codename ‘Lockhart’ for this less-powered digital download only console and ‘Anaconda’ for the main Project Scarlett console – the two essentially being the next generation’s versions of the Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

Microsoft has reportedly been seeking feedback from developers on its next-gen Xbox plans in recent months, and initially Lockhart was thought to have been scrapped but is now reportedly part of the holiday 2020 launch. The biggest difference besides discs will be that of power. Kotaku reports Lockhart will be targeted toward 1440p gaming rather than 4K and have a slower clock speed than Anaconda.

Lockhart is reportedly targeting around 4 teraflops of graphical power, while Anaconda is aiming for a little over 10 teraflops. To put that in comparison, the PS4 Pro has 4.2 teraflops, the Xbox One X has 6 teraflops, and the best high end PC graphics card on the market – the RTX 2080Ti – has 13.2 teraflops. Just over 10 teraflops puts it in line with a regular RTX 2080 which is still one of the most powerful graphics cards out there.

It’s not clear how Microsoft will separate pricing for both consoles.