Michael Jackson’s Estate Sues HBO Over Doco

Michael Jacksons Estate Sues Hbo Over Doco

The estate of Michael Jackson is suing HBO it has been revealed today. The late singer’s estate has reportedly accused the cable channel of violating a non-disparagement clause by agreeing to run the two-part documentary “Leaving Neverland”.

The film follows two men who recount their traumatic experiences with pop star Michael Jackson at his famed Neverland ranch where they allege he sexually abused them as children.

The suit alleges that the documentary is based on false accusations and that Jackson’s accusers have a financial motive to lie. It also aims to compel HBO to litigate the matter in a public arbitration process and claims that the estate could be awarded $100 million or more in damages.

HBO said its “plans remain unchanged” to air the two parts on March 3rd and 4th.

Source: Variety