McAvoy & Knightley Deny Rumors

“Atonement” stars James McAvoy and Keira Knightley have both denied rumours about their respective next films reports UK Teletext.

McAvoy was touted as the star of a film about Eddie The Eagle Edwards but he said: “I’d have loved to have played him but no, that’s not true.”

Knightley was asked about further “Pirates Of The Caribbean” films and said: “There may be more, but not for me. I’m finished with them.”

McAvoy also revealed he nearly made a mess of a celebrated six-minute sequence in the film featuring McAvoy’s ill Robbie Turner wandering the packed Dunkirk beaches looking for a boat home.

McAvoy says: “I nearly made a hash of it, and when I got it right my co-stars didn’t. It features 1,000 extras and is nearly six minutes long. I got it wrong twice, then on the third take we got it.”