“Mandalorian” Set Photos Shows Off Stagecraft

Mandalorian Set Photos Shows Off Stagecraft

One of the most interesting elements of the Disney+ live-action “Star Wars” series “The Mandalorian” was a filming technique known as ‘Stagecraft’.

The show’s production made use of a space called ‘The Volume’, a large soundstage surrounded by high-quality LED screens displaying a virtual landscape image rendered in the Unreal gaming engine. The tech is linked to the camera used, changing the parallax of the image as the camera moves and so allows for a convincing illusion that can be shot ‘in camera’.

Now, some set photos from behind the scenes of the series have popped up in American Cinematographer (via The VP Movie Club) and show the Stagecraft tech in use. The shots give off a look at the entire set in numerous episodes, the tech used to complete ships or provide working backgrounds.

“The Mandalorian” first season is streaming now on Disney+.