Netflix, Apple Circling Possible MGM Buy?

Netflix Apple Circling Possible Mgm Buy

MGM has reportedly been courting Netflix and Apple over a potential acquisition deal, going so far as to hold preliminary talks reports CNBC (via Yahoo).

The outlet, which has done a feature piece on big media mergers, says MGM seems like a logical candidate to sell this year. MGM was near bankruptcy in 2010 and was bailed out by investors who, a decade later, now have an asset likely worth over $10 billion.

Any deal would include many of MGM’s thousands of film and TV titles including the entire James Bond catalogue, franchises such as “Rocky,” “Robocop,” “The Pink Panther” and “Species,” shows like “Stargate” and “The Handmaid’s Tale,” and premium cable network Epix.

The talk comes as Daniel Craig’s fifth and film Bond film “No Time to Die” opens in cinemas in early April.