Loved Ones, “The FP” Feel The Tugg

Paramount’s Insurge Pictures and Drafthouse Films are set to partner with web platform Tugg Inc. for an interesting new release strategy for two new films says Risky Biz Blog.

How Tugg works is that it gives audiences the opportunity to request screenings in their local area of specific films. If enough people RSVP before the deadline, the film will screen in your area.

Insurge will release Sean Byrne’s Australian horror film “The Loved Ones” through Tugg in June as it rolls the film out in theaters this summer. The story follows what happens to Brent (Xavier Samuel) when he declines Lola’s invitation to the prom and Lola’s father gets involved.

In conjunction with this news, Paramount has also released a U.S. teaser trailer for the film.

Meanwhile, Drafthouse Films will make the Trost Brothers’ “The FP” available through Tugg in conjunction with the film’s limited theatrical release next Friday. That film follows a bitter turf war over a rural wasteland which comes down to a competitive dance-fight video game.