Liman On The “Live Die Repeat” Title Change

It’s one of the most well-reviewed major studio films of 2014, but the Tom Cruise-led time loop sci-fi war film “Edge of Tomorrow” has undergone far more of an identity crisis than other works of its calibre.

The feature was based on the manga “All You Need Is Kill” which was the original working title until it was changed to “Edge of Tomorrow” ahead of the launch of its first publicity materials.

Even so, the film’s tagline of “Live. Die. Repeat.” became so ubiquitous in the trailers and posters that it was often confused with being the title. It became enough of a problem that by the time it got to home video, the title changed again and officially became “Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow”.

The film’s director Doug Liman is returning with Cruise and Blunt for the follow-up which has previously been announced as “Live Die Repeat and Repeat”. Speaking with Den of Geek about the sequel, Liman went into detail over the title changes for the first film:

“So the book was called All You Need Is Kill. Japanese. I was making a comedy – an action comedy, and All You Need Is Kill didn’t feel like it was the tone of the movie I had made. The studio wanted to call it Edge Of Tomorrow, and I wanted to call it Live Die Repeat. I fought vehemently and lost.

And then when the film came out and people loved it but the box-office wasn’t as good as it should have been, I really railed into the executive at Warner Bros who’d insisted that Edge Of Tomorrow was the better title.

I was like, ‘It clearly is not. You were wrong.’ I committed the cardinal sin of telling somebody in Hollywood when they’re wrong, like, literally – I ended up having to call the person and apologize for pointing out that they were wrong.

And they started titling it the title I always thought it should have, which is Live Die Repeat. But they tiptoed around it, and when we make the sequel, it [the first film] will be permanently titled Live Die Repeat. The sequel will be Live Die Repeat and Repeat.”

A production start date for the follow-up hasn’t yet been set but Liman says the combination sequel and prequel will “revolutionize how people make sequels”. Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse are penning the script.