Kevin Smith Talks “Star Wars Ep 7” Set Visit

One of the lucky few to have visited the set of J.J. Abrams’ “Star Wars: Episode VII” so far has been filmmaker Kevin Smith. He’s signed a non-disclosure agreement, so can’t quite talk about his experience, but did drop some new information during a film festival appearance in Switzerland on Saturday. Here’s the transcript:

“[Abrams] had sent me an email out of the blue while they were shooting in Abu Dhabi last month. So we go to the set and they’re actually shooting, and they’re shooting — and this is what I can’t tell you what they were shooting.

But what I saw I absolutely loved. It was tactile, it wasn’t a series of f—ing green and blue screens in which later on digital characters would be added. It was there it was happening.

I saw uniforms, I saw artillery that I haven’t seen since I was a kid. I saw them shooting an actual sequence in a set that is real — I walked across the set, there were explosions — and it looked like a shot right out of an f–ing Star Wars movie.

[Abrams is] building a tactile world, a world you can touch. And he’s replicating it with all the love of somebody that has the world’s greatest collection of Star Wars figures.”

Smith also said he got to step inside the full scale Millennium Falcon being used on the film.

Source: Heat Vision