“IT: Chapter Two” On Track For Big Opening

It Chapter Two On Track For Big Opening

With the 2017 first part becoming the biggest horror film of all time, it comes as little surprise that New Line’s “IT: Chapter Two” is headed for a domestic opening similar to the original’s $123.4 million debut weekend.

Anticipation and tracking estimates for the film have come in and have it either a little lower than or on par with the first film with their lowest estimates at $95 million, though most are hovering around $110-120 million.

Both it and the original film are playing more like a tentpole event film than a horror feature, and the fact that they launch in the first post-Labor Day weekend – a traditional dead spot on the calendar – makes these record numbers all the more impressive.

The film’s final runtime has also been revealed and it’s a little longer than even previous estimates suggested – the film clocks in at 169 minutes (2hrs 49mins). The follow-up sees the Loser Club as adults as they return to Derry as adults to finally kill Pennywise once and for all.

“IT: Chapter Two” opens everywhere September 6th.

Source: Deadline