“IT: Chapter 2” Screens Clips In San Diego

Skarsgard On Reprising Pennywise In It Sequel

Preview night at Comic Con in San Diego this week was dominated by the ‘ScareDiego’ presentation for New Line’s “IT: Chapter Two,” the follow-up to the 2017 smash hit adaptation of the Stephen King novel.

Director Andy Muschietti and stars Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader and Isaiah Mustafa among others turned up for a panel and footage presentation which is one of the only film titles from the Warner Bros. family showing off goods at the fest this year.

San Diego’s Spreckles Theater was home to the showcase which included the premiere of the new trailer going online later this morning, and three lengthy scenes from the film. Those scenes were:

1. The Chinese restaurant scene where the Losers’ Club reunite as grownups.

2. Bill dealing with the ongoing grief over the death of his younger brother Georgie and goes after a lost kid at a carnival. He gets lost in a glass maze and becomes trapped on the other side of a large piece of glass from both the kid and Pennywise who starts licking and headbutting the glass.

3. A fully new scene not from the book. The Losers make their way back to Niebolt Street and enter the house, only to be confronted with different terrors this time including the same ‘fridge’ but only this time containing a homage to John Carpenter’s “The Thing”.

It was also confirmed that the film has broken a world record for the amount of fake blood it uses. Actress Chastain is in the scene in question which required 4500 gallons of the stuff – and afterwards she spends much of the film’s third act covered in it. The fake blood is partly made with sugar and couldn’t be heated up or else it would ferment and stink so she was a bit cold, but she wanted to “make Carrie on steroids”.

Bill Skarsgard also had free rein to terrorize his costars in between takes – in fact McAvoy’s running away from Skarsgard led to him developing tendonitis for a few months. Chastain reportedly jump-screamed in front of a pack of Warner Bros. executives when Skarsgard snuck up on her and said ‘boo’ one time.

The cast and crew also discussed remakes and whilst they said properties like “The Shining, “Rosemary’s Baby” and “Big Trouble in Little China” shouldn’t be touched, but Muschietti himself says if he could remake another film it’d be 1981’s Joe Dante-directed “The Howling”.

No other Warners titles were shown at the event. “IT: Chapter 2” opens around much of the world on September 6th.

Source: Movieweb