Huge Cast Joins “John Wick: Chapter 3”

Halle Berry, Anjelica Huston, Jason Mantzoukas, Mark Dacascos, Tiger Hu Chen, “The Raid” duo Yayan Ruhian and Cecep Arif Rahman, and “Billions” actor Asia Kate Dillon are all set to star alongside Keanu Reeves in “John Wick: Chapter 3” at Lionsgate.

Berry will play the female lead of the film named Sofia, and she will not be a villain. Huston will take on a role known as ‘The Director’, Mantzoukas is ‘The Tick Tock Man’, Dacascos is ‘Zero’, and Dillon plays ‘The Adjudicator of the High Table’ – the High Table being a council of a dozen crime bosses. Chen, Ruhian and Rahman all play hired killers.

Chad Stahelski returns to direct the new film which picks up directly after the events of Chapter 2 with former assassin Wick trying and failed to live the quiet life. Now with a $14 million price tag on his head, and an army of bounty-hunting killers on his trail, he is excommunicado and has the world’s most ruthless hitmen and women await his every turn.

The new cast members join Laurence Fishburne, Ian McShane and Lance Reddick who are returning to reprise their roles. Derek Kolstad, Chris Collins, Marc Abrams and Shay Hatten penned the script while Basil Iwanyk and Erica Lee are producing.

Source: THR