Full Trailer: HBO’s “The New Pope”

Full Trailer Hbos The New Pope

HBO has released a great trailer for the darkly comic thriller “The New Pope,” a continuation of papacy drama “The Young Pope” with writer/director Paolo Sorrentino and star Jude Law returning while this time they’re joined by John Malkovich who has become the new Pope John Paul III.

With sarcasm and eyeliner, Malkovich’s Pope rises to power and want to keep traditions but Law’s Pius XIII has awoken from his coma and wants the powerful position back. So begins a war for the papacy and a new season of episodes which include Sharon Stone and Marilyn Manson among the cast.

Sorrentino, Umberto Contarello and Stefano Bises co-wrote “The New Pope” which starts on HBO January 13th with eight episodes to run.