Doctor Who New Logo, Set Photos

We’ve seen many reboots in the past few years, now it looks like we’re getting an unofficial ‘reboot of a reboot’ with the upcoming 2010 season of “Doctor Who” judging by the news and photos coming out of the currently filming fifth series.

The arrival of a new cast and crew isn’t the only change to one of the BBC’s biggest franchises, the entire show is getting all sorts of updates which actually seem to be taking a slightly retro-theme. Along with a new TARDIS exterior (more like the Police Box of the classic series), interior (rumoured to be a marble, silver & gold finish and consist of multiple rooms), today comes the new look logo design.

The new version (on the official site) ditches the spinning red & yellow elliptical shape of recent years for a more classic blue/purple color scheme and TARDIS-inspired abbreviation.

Meanwhile filming in Wales is continuing apace and some fresh photos have emerged. Due to the nature of the production, episodes are shot out of order and it looks like they’re only now getting around to shooting the first episode of Matt Smith’s run as the freshly regenerated eleventh incarnation of The Doctor. Shots below show Smith in a tattered, torn version of the outfit worn regularly by the previous Doctor (David Tennant). They also show off new Scottish companion Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) in a rather smashing policewoman’s get-up – is this a disguise or more likely her regular job before she goes off adventuring in time and space?

Former ‘Who’ star Paul McGann, who played the Eighth Doctor in the 1996 TV movie, talked with The Telegraph this week and said that he doubts he’ll ever return to the role as no-one from the BBC or the series has been in contact with him in anyway about doing as such.

Finally there’s still no official times and dates announced as yet for the remaining three Fall/Holiday 2009 specials starring David Tennant in his last adventures (though mid-November, Xmas & New Years Day are still the best guesses). Tennant however will appear in character and play a significant role in a two-part episode of the spin-off series “The Sarah Jane Adventures” on October 29th & 30th.