“Detective” Creator Helped Pen “Deadwood”

Detective Creator Helped Pen Deadwood

While the upcoming third season of HBO’s “True Detective” is mostly penned by show creator Nic Pizzolatto, he did bring on “Deadwood” creator David Milch to help write part of the season.

Speaking at a press conference recently, Pizzolatto explained that the deal for Milch to help him on “True Detective” was sort of a quid-pro-quo born out of the upcoming “Deadwood” film. Pizzolatto helped out Milch on the film and as a result, Milch in return helped with ‘Detective’. Pizzolatto tells Indiewire:

“We had gotten together because Scott [Stephens] is a producer on ‘Deadwood,’ and he had brought me in for a couple of weeks to sort of work for David on his ‘Deadwood’ film script. This was around when I was still figuring out the idea for ‘True Detective’ 3, and we had such a great time.

He turned me on to writing out loud, which I’d never done before, and I ended up writing most of the second half of the season out loud, which was a much more spiritually healthy thing to do than be alone in a room with a blank page… There were times when I was doing one character and he was doing another, and we were like the duelling banjos or something in ‘Deliverance.’ It was so special to me.

I knew he was going to have to go back and do ‘Deadwood’ and get that on its feet again, but I was just glad we had that time together. It’s something I’m going to remember and take with me for the rest of my life.”

Of the new season of “True Detective,” Pizzolatto says it’s more of a focus on character than the last, complete with intertwining timelines and a much more complicated structure. It also “reaches for hope a bit more” and debuts on HBO on January 13th. The “Deadwood” movie airs sometime in late 2019.