Critics & Audience Swap On “Uncut Gems”

Critics Audience Swap On Uncut Gems

We’ve heard a lot lately about how the critics and audiences have been at odds over both “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” and “The Witcher” as audience polls online have embraced both works whilst the critics have been decidedly mixed.

This has led to a regular round of “who cares what critics think anyway” online bashing, even as other films currently out like “Cats” have united both ‘teams’ in condemnation. Turns out though another film that just went wide over Christmas is also dividing them – just in the opposite way.

The Adam Sandler-led high energy anxiety-inducing thriller “Uncut Gems” has been scoring some of the year’s best reviews from critics with talk of serious awards consideration for Sandler and plenty of love online. General audiences though? They don’t care for it.

Audience exit poll service CinemaScore says the film scored a pretty disastrous C+, the same given to “Cats”. On Rotten Tomatoes the film has scored a 93% from critics but just a 55% from audiences.

Theories have been floating around that people at Christmas wanted a safe Sandler comedy vehicle they could watch with the family instead of a gritty indie drama designed to make people uncomfortable. Last time a Sandler film delivered such a reaction was Paul Thomas Anderson’s masterpiece “Punch Drunk Love”.

“Uncut Gems” opened wide on Wednesday and made $7 million on Christmas Day alone and is expected to earn around $10 million for the three day weekend.