“Color” Team Adapts Lovecraft’s “Dunwich Horror”

Color Team Adapts Lovecraft Horror Dunwich

SpectreVision producers Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah are behind the upcoming Nic Cage-led “Color Out of Space” film based on the novella by famed horror author H.P. Lovecraft.

Now, speaking with Coming Soon, the pair have confirmed they are attempting to “build out a Lovecraft universe” with the help of ‘Color’ director and co-writer Richard Stanley. Noah says: “Hopefully there‚Äôs enough of an appetite for these things, and we can keep them going and make at least three of them.”

Noah and Wood also revealed that they are in the very early stages of developing the next one, “The Dunwich Horror”. That story revolved around a family of deformed types and a mysterious unseen presence in the farmhouse which seems to be growing. When the hideous young son is killed, the beast is unleashed to terrorize the poor aggrieved local village.

Wood and Noah, who are also behind the well-reviewed “Daniel Isn’t Real” opening next month from director Adam Egypt Mortimer, have also recently expressed interest in rebooting the “Nightmare on Elm Street” franchise.

“Color Out of Space” will arrive in theaters on January 24th 2020.