Casting: Bentley, Lerner, Malone, Bratt, Martin

Broken Vows
Wes Bentley and Jaimie Alexander will star in Belgian commercial director Bram Coppens’ psychological thriller “Broken Vows”. James Agnew and Sean Keller penned the script and filming begins late June.

The storey follows a charming yet troubled man named Patrick (Bentley) who seduces Tara (Alexander), but when she rejects him, he is sent spiraling into madness and delusion, erupting into psychotic rage. [Source: THR]

Michael Lerner, Kevin Dunn, Zach Knighton, Nat Wolff, Emma Roberts and Sarah Silverman have joined Mickey Rourke in Tony McNamara’s “Ashby” which started shooting this week in North Carolina.

The story follows the relationship between neighbours Ed Wallis, a high school student (Wolff) and Ashby, a retired CIA assassin (Rourke) who only has a few months left to live. Kevin McCormick and Rory Koslow will produce. [Source: Screen]

Jena Malone (“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”) has scored the lead role in “Claire,” Dori Oskowitz’s U.S. remake of Eric Rohmer’s 1982 French film “Le Beau Mariage” at Rilean Pictures. Juan Iglesias and Jonathan Saba penned the script.

The story follows an eccentric young woman in her twenties living in Long Island with her aunt and teenage cousin. Fed up with her married painter lover, Claire sets her sights on a man she barely knows with aims to get herself married. [Source: Deadline]

Ride Along 2
Benjamin Bratt will join Ice Cube and Kevin Hart in Tim Story’s “Ride Along 2” at Universal. Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi penned the script.

This version sees Cube and Hart’s characters traveling to Miami for fun, chaos, and shenanigans. Cube, Matt Alvarez, Larry Brezner and William Packer will produce. [Source: Variety]

Stacy Martin (“Nymphomaniac”) has joined the cast of Ben Wheatley’s dystopian thriller “High Rise” at Recorded Picture Company. Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, Sienna Miller, Luke Evans and Elisabeth Moss also star.

The story follows the lives of an affluent community cut off from society in a luxury block of flats. Martin will take on the character ‘Fay’ in the feature. [Source: Screen]