Benicio Del Toro In Talks For “Savages”

Benicio Del Toro has signed on to play a deadly drug cartel enforcer in Oliver Stone’s “Savages” reports Deadline.

The story follows two best friend pot growers (Aaron Johnson, Taylor Kitsch) in Laguna who share a trippy girl named ‘O’. The duo are so good at their job that an enforcer (Del Toro) demands they work for his boss, a Mexican drug cartel matriarch (Salma Hayek is being considered for that role).

When they refuse, ‘O’ is kidnapped and they’re forced to come up with a fortune in ransom. They set out to hijack the cartel’s drug supply, right under the nose of Del Toro’s highly suspicious character.

Stone is currently tweaking the script with Shane Salerno and author Don Winslow.