“American Gods” S2 Loses Its Showrunner

American Gods S2 Loses Its Showrunner

Starz’s “American Gods” is proving something of a mess as the premium cable network and show production company Fremantle have reportedly sidelined executive producer and showrunner Jesse Alexander reports THR.

Alexander was hired this year following the resignation of original showrunners and co-creators Michael Green and Bryan Fuller. Though technically not fired, he was reportedly asked a month ago to stop working on the series after having turned in at least seven drafts for the season two finale which were ultimately rejected.

The report indicates author Neil Gaiman was allegedly not happy with Fuller and Green’s scripts for the second season and ousted them, then hand-picked Alexander and was said to take a more direct role in the creation of the series.

Alexander began filming the new season, dumping all those previously written scripts and starting fresh, but the sub-par material that was come up with was weak enough actors reportedly ended up changing much of their own dialogue on the day of shooting.

Production on the series’ second season is currently on hiatus and is said to already be six weeks behind schedule with cast members not receiving their scripts yet for the show’s season two finale. In fact, they’re working on re-shoots and pick-ups for earlier episodes.

After Alexander’s departure, producers tried to promote someone else to the role and the trade says that person left the production almost immediately after being elevated. Due to all the delays, the drama will most likely not return until well into 2019.

Starz said in a statement: “American Gods has a deep and complex mythology and a unique visual style that makes this series one of the most ambitious productions on television, and one that we remain committed to delivering for our audience. We are confident that when the fans get their first look at season two in just a few weeks at New York Comic-Con, they will agree it was worth the wait.”