“Alien: Covenant” Disc Has Plenty Of Cut Scenes

20th Century Fox has announced the details for the Blu-ray release of Ridley Scott’s “Alien: Covenant” which will be coming to disc on August 15th.

The biggest reveal is that the films special features will include twelve deleted and extended scenes that Scott has made available, adding up to around eighteen minutes of additional footage which didn’t make the 122 minute final cut.

It seems those cut scenes are separate to some of the previously released YouTube ‘Prologue’ cut scenes which are being listed as separate featurettes here – ‘The Last Supper’ clip with the crew members, ‘The Crossing’ which picks up with Shaw & David right after “Prometheus,” and the ‘Meet Walter’ advertisement.

There’s another featurette dubbed ‘Advent’, and a near hour-long “Master Class: Ridley Scott” along with trailers, copies of David’s illustrations, and a commentary track by Scott himself. Check out the cover art below.

Source: Alien-Covenant.com