Zimmer Hates “Inception” BRAAAM In Trailers

Much like the way movies are influenced by hit movies, the way trailers are cut are influenced by other trailers which have been highly successful or memorable.

One trend in trailers over the past few years has been the overuse of “BRAAAM!”, the large foghorn-style noise which originally appeared on the trailers for Christopher Nolan’s “Inception”.

Composer Hans Zimmer is the one credited for coming up with that noise, a noise that was then mixed into Zack Hemsey’s “Mind Heist” music which became the iconic theme from the “Inception” trailer.

The noise has then showed up in trailers for practically every action movie of the past few years from “World War Z” and “Star Trek Into Darkness,” to “Prometheus,” “The Avengers,” “Super 8,” “Pacific Rim” and so many more.

Speaking with Vulture about his career, Zimmer bemoans the way the sound has been overplayed:

“Oh, it’s horrible!. This is a perfect example of where it all goes wrong. That music became the blueprint for all action movies, really.

And if you get too many imitations, even I get confused!. By the time we got to The Dark Knight Rises, the studio sent over a trailer with that temp track, and they actually apologized for it.

They said, ‘We put the Inception music in there because we didn’t know what else to do, so could you guys maybe come up with something else?’ So we came up with a trailer that was just a few lonely notes – it couldn’t have been more opposite.