Rock Replaced Tommy Lee Jones On “Fast Five”

As the “Fast and Furious” films have become bigger and bigger events, we’ve been seeing bigger and bigger names joining the cast ranks. The upcoming eighth film boasts a quite stellar list of alums including Charlize Theron, Helen Mirren, and Kurt Russell alongside the returning regulars who’ve become massive names in their own right.

At one time though, back during the making of what would become the breakout fifth film, the franchise had to cast a key face that would become a vital part of the series – the always sweaty Agent Luke Hobbs. The role ultimately went to the biggest action star on the planet right now, Dwayne Johnson, but at one time it was written with someone very different in mind – Tommy Lee Jones.

Series lead Vin Diesel revealed the bit of trivia in a new lengthy video posted to his Facebook page in which he talked about certain creative decisions the franchise has taken – from Letty’s resurrection to Jason Statham’s villain. That’s when he talked about Johnson’s introduction:

“Back in the fifth film, I was asking ‘Who should I work with?’ The reason why we brought Dwayne Johnson into Fast Five was because of you. There was a girl named Jen (maybe, Jan?) Kelly who said, ‘I would love to see you guys work together on-screen.’ And so, we gave a role that was initially written for Tommy Lee Jones but we gave it to Dwayne, and he shined in it.”

Take away the super machismo and the “Fast Five” version of Hobbs is not dissimilar to Jones’ character from “The Fugitive” for example. Jones won’t be joining the franchise’s newest entry, the eighth film, which recently wrapped production ahead of an April 2017 release.