Tarantino’s “Once” Extended Cut & Bipolar Talk

Tarantinos Once Extended Cut Bipolar Talk

In April, Quentin Tarantino quietly dropped an extended cut of his already lengthy “The Hateful Eight” onto Netflix – cutting the film into the form of a four-episode miniseries with 25 minutes of additional footage.

Now, NY Times writer Kyle Buchanan has indicated the filmmaker is planning to do the same thing with his recently launched “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” when it eventually comes to Netflix.

Bunchanan says: “I keep hearing Tarantino told the ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD actors that he’ll put their deleted scenes back when he recuts the film into episodes for Netflix, akin to what he recently did with HATEFUL EIGHT.”

The theatrical cut of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” clocks in at around 165 minutes and while it does make some minor alterations from the version screened at Cannes, those are said to be so small as to not be that noticeable. There is, however, plenty of footage left on the cutting room floor from both versions which makes the talk of him doing yet another Netflix miniseries not out of the question.

At the same time, Tarantino himself and actor Leonardo DiCaprio have been speaking about the film with Vanity Fair. Specifically they discussed working out an approach DiCaprio could have for his character of Rick Dalton in the movie. It seems they took inspiration from “Alias Smith and Jones” star Pete Duel who had an undiagnosed bipolar disorder and used alcohol to self-medicate. Tarantino explains:

“Now, we already had Rick a drinker, but the whole thing about undiagnosed bipolar and not knowing how that works, and the weird pendulum swings of emotion you would have … that became a really interesting thing that we thought Rick could deal through. And that gave Leo a good, solid ground in which to work and build a character and have a subtext going on inside of scenes that doesn’t have to revolve around the story of the scene.”

The film doesn’t ever specifically mention or hint at the character’s possible bipolar disorder. “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” is in theaters now.

Source: The Playlist