Stallone Teases “Cobra” Series, “Tango & Cash 2”

Stallone Teases Cobra Series Tango Cash 2

Sylvester Stallone returns to cinemas this week with “Rambo: Last Blood” which sees him reprise one of his most iconic characters in an apparent last bow for John Rambo.

Speaking with Fandango to promote the film, he revealed that two more of his famed original characters could be making a comeback soon. Asked what other memorable roles he’d like to reprise, he tells the outlet that one is already on the comeback path: “I’m talking with Robert Rodriguez right now about Cobra, which looks like that could happen.”

He adds that said project would be done as a series and Rodriguez has control: “It’s basically his baby now.” “Cobra” opened in 1986 and followed tough-guy Marion Cobretti who tries to protect the only surviving witness of a blood-thirsty cult.

The other role he’d like to revisit? Ray Tango from 1989 buddy-cop action-comedy “Tango and Cash”, saying he would reprise that role “in a second”. However he goes on to say: “I know, with Kurt [Russell], it’s not about a caper… it’s just us doing our thing.”

However he suggests Russell needs some more convincing. Stallone brought it up with Russell who told him: “I don’t know, Sly… There we were in our prime and now we’re in our unprime, I dunno.” So Stallone said” “I’m telling you, ya gotta go in on this” to which Russell responded: “I’ll talk to you when I get back.”

“Rambo: Last Blood” opens Friday.