Spielberg Talks About “The BFG” Mo-Cap

We’ve become accustomed to the use of extensive motion capture in films from “Avatar” to the “Planet of the Apes” franchise, but filmmaker Steven Spielberg says his upcoming fantasy tale “The BFG” takes things even further.

Speaking with Empire about his adaptation of Roald Dahl’s acclaimed fantasy tale of the relationship between a friendly giant (Mark Rylance) and a human orphan named Sophie (Ruby Barnhill), Spielberg boasts about the rendering of the titular character: “It’s a big job. There are thousands of effects shots. I think it’s the most ambitious motion capture of a character that any film has ever done.”

The film’s producer Frank Marshall adds: “It’s two cameras that put BFG and Sophie together in the same shot. It was a big leap forward in putting CG characters in the real world.” Spielberg previously worked extensively with motion capture on his film adaptation of “The Adventures Of Tintin” comics.

“The BFG” is currently targeting a July 1st release.