Spielberg Likes “Temple of Doom” The Least

It’s not ‘Crystal Skull,’ rather Steven Spielberg has cited “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” as his least favorite film in the “Indiana Jones” franchise in HBO’s upcoming documentary on the legendary filmmaker.

Documentarian Susan Lacy spent more than thirty hours interviewing the man for “Spielberg” which will premiere on October 7th, and says Spielberg also acknowledges some mistakes he made in his war comedy “1941”.

Lacy, who created and produced the “American Masters” series on PBS for decades, says she originally expected to only have four interviews with the helmer – but ended up meeting him seventeen times.

Lacy also spoke with Spielberg’s parents and sister along with numerous collaborators like Daniel Day-Lewis, Matt Damon and Tom Cruise. She says Spielberg never tried to influence her documentary’s approach and that he didn’t see the film until it was finished.

The documentary focuses on his work as a director and so doesn’t touch very much upon either his philanthropic efforts or many projects as a producer in film and television.

Source: The New York Daily News