Sony Reconsiders Tarantino’s Manson Film?

Just over a week ago, Quentin Tarantino found himself under fire in the wake of an interview with Uma Thurman about her dealings with Harvey Weinstein and a driving stunt mishap on the “Kill Bill” set which left the actress injured – and could’ve easily been far worse.

Tarantino went on the defensive in a lengthy interview and then was slammed again for comments from a 2003 interview with Howard Stern about the Roman Polanski rape case. The director issued an apology there, but the PR has not been good for the filmmaker just as he is putting together his next film.

Now, Showbiz 411 is reporting that Sony Pictures is having ‘second thoughts’ about producing the film, a project set in Los Angeles in the summer of 1969 and to some extent involves the Charles Manson murder case and even includes Polanski as a character.

The studio is allegedly concerned about the press surrounding the filmmaker, but there are arguably other factors as well. One is that it is also an expensive film with a production budget tipped to be over $100 million and that’s before marketing and potential cost increases. The film would have to do box-office at a level akin to Tarantino’s biggest film worldwide – “Django Unchained” at $425 million – to score a healthy profit.

Tarantino’s most recent movie, “The Hateful Eight,” earned just $155 million. Paramount Pictures is also in the midst of developing an R-rated “Star Trek” movie based off a concept by Tarantino, who may also sign up to direct.