“Shrek 5” To Partially Reboot The Series?

Currently in cinemas with Dreamworks Animation’s “The Boss Baby,” screenwriter Michael McCullers has confirmed to THR that he’s finished his work on the script for a fifth film in DWA’s “Shrek” franchise. This would suggest the project is further along than expected.

The surprise though is that he also suggests to the trade that if and when the film is made, it will at least partially reboot the franchise:

“I finished that script which I really, really, really love. It’s really personal to me. It’s got a pretty big reinvention behind it that I guess I can’t really reveal, but since DreamWorks was sold to Universal in that time for over $3 billion, I imagine they’re particularly interested in it stepping up and actually figuring out the future of the franchise in that way on the corporate level.

Reinvention was sort of called for. There [have] been four movies and a lot of material, so the characters are pretty beloved and they’re great characters, but you also have to think of a pretty new take at that point.”

In the fourth film released back in 2010, Shrek was a family man who made a mistaken deal with Rumpelstiltskin to send him to alternate reality, where he has been erased from the timeline. In the end, the original timeline was restored and everything was happy between Fiona and Shrek and their family once again.