Ryan Gosling Wants To Play Young Willy Wonka?

The strangest rumor of the month has arrived with The Hashtag Show reporting that Ryan Gosling is currently under consideration to star as a young Willy Wonka in a prequel loosely inspired by Roald Dahl’s classic novel “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” at Warner Bros. Pictures.

Both the late Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp have portrayed the eccentric candy mogul in the two previous direct film adaptations. It was last year the studio announced a new take that would delve deeper into the Willy Wonka mythology.

The studio was looking for actors between the ages of 29 and 35, but will likely make an exception for 36-year-old Gosling who has apparently expressed interest in playing the character according to the show. If the studio plans to make the prequel a partly musical affair like the 1971 film, Gosling has proven his chops in that arena.

Specifics of the story remain under wraps other than this being steadfastly NOT a sequel and potentially a Wonka ‘origin’ story. David Heyman (“Harry Potter”) is producing while Simon Rich (“The Secret Life of Pets”) is penning the script.