Piracy On The Rise Again Due To SVOD

Piracy On The Rise Again Due To Svod

As streaming services continue to flourish with new platforms seemingly joining the marketplace every day, it is having an unexpected but not unsurprising knock-on effect – an increase in piracy.

Sandvine (via Cinema Blend) has issued a report on Global Internet Phenomena which looks at a range of statistics about online bandwidth usage by a range of companies and categories.

The study theorises that with SVOD services launching exclusive deals for content, thus forcing potential customers to subscribe to multiple platforms to get all of the content they want, it is becoming cost-prohibitive and so many are avoiding that and opting for pirated copies.

This seems especially true for the services where they’re only interested in one or two shows. Three seems to be the magic maximum number of streaming services most people are willing to sign up for at any one time, with Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and Hulu being the main go to services.

Piracy levels had been on the decline due to the proliferation of streamers taking away one of the major causes – lack of access. Cost was always the main issue and it is what’s now fuelling the growth and begs the question as to whether the streamers will lower their prices to stave off the threat of piracy.