“Peter Pan” Almost Ruined Jason Isaacs

British news outlet The Guardian is on a roll today in its interviews with actors who’ve regretted some parts. Following their talk with Christopher Eccleston, actor Jason Isaacs has discussed one role of his almost ended his career.

Isaacs burst on to the scene as the memorable villain in “The Patriot,” became iconic as Lucius Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” films, and more recently has had success in TV such as the key role of Captain Lorca in CBS & Netflix’s “Star Trek: Discovery”.

However, he revealed that his role as Captain Hook in P.J. Hogan’s 2003 film “Peter Pan” was supposed to be his ‘big break’ according to others around him – but the film bombed:

“I’ve had a good year or two, but there have been other times… I’ve been to Sundance with eight films, and only one of them came out.

When I was in [PJ Hogan’s 2003 film] Peter Pan, it was going to be gigantic. I was told it would change my life. Be careful, they said; make sure you’ve got the right people in place. Then it came out, and it was a catastrophic flop. It killed my film career stone dead for a while.

It was a great lesson. Just have a great time and do the best you can. Sometimes I wish I was more famous; you have more choices as an actor when you are. But I tend to ask: how can I be grateful for the things I’ve got, rather than for the things I haven’t got? Moaning is a waste of life.”

Indeed “Peter Pan” adaptations have been under a curse in recent years – Spielberg’s 1991 sequel “Hook” is considered one of his few disappointments. Both Hogan’s 2003 and Joe Wright’s 2015 “Pan” were critical and box-office duds, and NBC’s “Peter Pan” live musical with Christopher Walken as Captain Hook almost ended the revival of TV live musicals before it started.

Isaacs has a scene-stealing part in “The Death of Stalin” out this week, and has “Hotel Mumbai” on the way later in the year.