Peter Jackson Offers Update On “Tintin 2”

Peter Jackson Offers Update On Tintin 2

The critics quite liked it and while it was a complete dud with U.S. audiences, Steven Spielberg’s “The Adventures of Tintin” film adaptation in 2011 was a massive hit overseas – raking in $373 million worldwide with 80% of that outside the States.

Cut to today, with the global marketplace more important than ever, the obvious question keeps arising as to where is the sequel. It was previously indicated during the first film’s making that the hope was to do a trilogy of films with Spielberg directing and Peter Jackson producing the first, the pair swapping positions for the second and then there’d be a third and it wasn’t clear who would helm that.

That means Jackson is the one who is next set to direct, but the filmmaker became occupied with his “The Hobbit” trilogy, and more recently producing both this December’s “Mortal Engines” and a recent documentary incorporating some amazingly restored first World War footage. With his schedule now relatively clear, is he finally getting around to it? Sort of. Talking with Polygon this week, Jackson offered an update:

“I’m intending to [make it]. I’ve got gotta get the script written, but I’m certainly hoping to get another Tintin film, one which I’ve directed. This one, Steven [Spielberg] would produce. It’s within the next year or two, I would hope. I mean, there’s nothing happening this very second, but it does literally need me to sit down and develop a script for it. So probably in the new year, I’ll try to do that.”

Herge penned just over two dozen books, with three of them being two-parters. With the first film loosely based on the first two-parter, it was thought the follow-up would be based on the second – “The Seven Crystal Balls” & “Prisoners of the Sun”. Surprisingly Jackson is not locked into the idea just yet:

“I’ve had certain times where I thought it was going to be this, it’s going to be that … For a while, we’ve gone to Prisoners of the Sun. But I’m not necessarily thinking that that would be where we’d go next time. There’s so many good stories, and I just want to see what I feel like making.

There’s no one that dictates what it has to be, you know — I get to choose. So I wanna just make that choice carefully because […] I love the variety, you know? You can go the Indiana Jones-sort of Prisoners of the Sun, or you can go into The Calculus Affair and be more of a Eastern Bloc thriller. […] There’s the moon ones where you can explore the moon and space. There’s so many choices, and I couldn’t tell you today […] which way I’m going.”

Jackson’s passion for the franchise remains strong as ever, and the beauty of it being a mo-cap animated feature is the same actors can reprise their roles year later without any real complications. Still, it sounds like we’re still a good couple of years away at earliest from another “Tintin” coming to the screen.