“Orphan Black” Gets A Japanese Remake

BBC America’s hit sci-fi series “Orphan Black” is getting a Japanese remake which has been produced for free to air broadcaster Tokai TV.

South Korean actress and singer Kang Ji-Young will star in the lead role(s) of Sara Aoyama in the new take which premieres on Fuji Television this coming weekend under the title “Orphan Black – 7 Genes”.

In this take Sara is a broke and desperate single mother who wishes to live with her daughter Moe in peace. She witnesses the shocking suicide of a woman who looks just like her and decides to steal the woman’s identity to run away from her problems. She also learns the woman was a genetically identical clone.

The original, which starred Tatiana Maslany, has won multiple awards and has been seen in over 170 territories around the world.

Source: Variety